What You Can Expect from Being a Coach

Help others achieve what they want

You must still remember the excitement when you received the first job offer after your job-hunting odyssey. There are so many young talents fresh out from universities and they have the same desire as you had for a bright career. Why not share your expertise, network and more importantly confidence with them? By empowering them to success, you will feel the same (and even more) achievement! “Give, and it will be given to you.”

Be a job hunting expert

You are probably already good at job hunting, otherwise, you would not have been chosen by your current employer. However, teaching is the best way to learn, as it requires you to understand the whole process deeper and force you to think how to apply certain skills adequately in different situations. After being a successful coach, we believe that you will learn from the experience as much as your trainee and leverage this to pursue better opportunities of your career. One day this experience will come to a big proud on your personal Resume.

Get financial rewards and coaching accreditation

Based on your coaching experience, you will share different percentage of revenue and also get certificates from Junior, Senior to Master Career Coach from us.

Improve your coaching and interpersonal communication skills

This is also a great opportunity to learn how to coach people. You need to understand your trainee, influence others, leverage resources and see the changes and outcomes in a relatively short time frame. You can easily apply the same skills in your career and your personal life in future!

Expand your professional network

One thing we believe in the coaching relationship is the personal connection part. Your trainee, and his or her network, will become an important asset for your career. Also, we regularly organize networking activities for our coaches from different fields. You might find your next opportunities here.

Get end-to-end support from us

During your full coaching, the akiTalent team is always there to help you to solve any challenges, get you access to the latest job position information, provide you with knowledge and tips how to best coach your trainee(s) at different stages of job application.


What We Expect from You

Enjoy sharing and coaching

We want you to be a person who is willing to share your knowledge selflessly with others and enjoy coaching and motivating others. You feel the sense of achievement when others benefit from your tips and help.

Be proactive and patient

You do not wait for others to come to you. Instead, you are prepared to make the initiation from your end. At the same time, you are patient and willing to tailor your communication approaches depending on your trainee(s) during your coaching.

Have decent Job application skills: CV, online test, interview, etc.

You should have gone through a few (if not many) job applications before and had a good understanding on the full job application cycle. Of course, AkiTalent team will always give you a hand if you need further training in this field.

Leverage your professional network

You should feel comfortable about leveraging your professional network to help your trainee(s) to get access to job opportunities and get better preparation for their application to specific companies.

If you are interested in joining as a Coach, email your CV at contact@akitalent.com and we shall get back to you at the earliest.