Cloud Software Engineer / DevOps

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  • Paris, France
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  • Information Technology & Digital
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Permanent-Full time

Job Description

Artifakt is an all-in-one DevOps software helping tech teams deploy, manage, and run complex web applications on enterprise-grade Cloud infrastructure faster and on a global scale.

Our mission is to make the web faster, more reliable and secure. We help:

Developers deploy their surefire code faster to production without worrying about infrastructure;
Enterprises run and scale their critical applications on modern and powerful Cloud infrastructure.
At Artifakt we are one multicultural team using our diversity and passion for tech as a driving force to create our industry leading product.

Our core values:

Encourage ownership, quality and creativity;
Build a supportive environment where everyone has a voice;
Passion for technology and automation.
Join one of the fastest growing Cloud companies in Europe, that has just recently launched it's ambitious transnational goals

Job Description

The Engineering Team is organized in autonomous squads, each owning an activity. Each squad gathers all required roles and skills to fully handle its respective mission.

As a part of the Engineering Team, your core mission will be to create most performant and robust Cloud platforms. These platforms will be used by thousands of enterprises worldwide to host and manage web projects and critical business applications.

You will be also responsible for the quality of the built and deployed platforms.

Your responsibilities
Design & Create

Create new buildpacks for most popular languages or frameworks (DockerFile)
Design and implement new Artifakt platforms (Cloud architectures) based on API
Contribute to technology stack definition related to DevOps activities
Collaborate with the Product Team and other Software Engineers
Design highly resilient and scalable platforms based on Kubernetes
Understand the Product Team needs and challenges

Maintain & Improve

Contribute to reliability, performance and security aspects of the platforms
Improve Artifakt integration with Cloud providers to support more features (Monitoring, CI/CD, Backup, Databases, Serverless, etc.)
Improve and maintain high quality of platforms
Reduce the costs of Artifakt platforms
Work with all your teammates to build the perfect engineering organization

Support & Documentation

Provide technical support and documentation for the buildpacks and runtimes
Provide technical documentation for the Artifakt Console
Provide technical documentation for platforms (limits, features, etc.)
Collaborate with the Customer Support Team to ensure the deployed platforms are perfectly running

Preferred Experience

Ability to understand users expectations & to build our product infrastructure that perfectly suits our customer business needs
Proven experience in developing backend API and in designing and implementing deployment tools
Work experience with major Cloud providers (Microsoft Azure can be great)
Mastering our tech stack: Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, CI/CD tools, Serverless...
Experience with the Agile methodology
Flexible & able to work in a fast-paced environment
English fluency (part of the Team doesn't speak French)
Fun & efficient
Craft mindset

Recruitment Process

HR Interview
Manager Interview
CxO Interview
Coffee with the team

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