Front-End / React Architect

  • Bordeaux, France
  • Other
  • Information Technology & Digital
  • English Only
  • 6-8 year
  • 15+ days ago
  • Bordeaux, France
  • Permanent-Full time
  • Other
  • Information Technology & Digital
  • English Only
  • 6-8 year
  • 15+ days ago

Permanent-Full time

Job Description

About Mirakl Labs
With an average age of 30, Mirakl Labs represents half of the company's workforce and is organized into small "feature teams" (Dev Front / Back, PO, QA) of 7 to 10 people. The final application is a unified platform divided into products and micro-services whose ownership is held by the feature teams, they are therefore autonomous and attach great importance to code quality and agility. Innovation, feedback and involvement in decision-making are at the heart of our philosophy.
We attach great importance to good communication between teams and to collaborative work to produce quality code: we regularly do pair programming, all team members do code reviews on pull requests and participate in designs .
We are also actively involved in the Parisian developer community because we sponsor the Paris JUG, Devoxx FR, Voxxed Days; we participate every year in conferences like ReactEurope or DotJS; we make our premises available for the organization of BBL and soon meetups.

About the job
As a Front-end Architect, you will join our cross-functional team of Front developers (#FED) in order to build, implement and improve the front-end architecture of Mirakl products.
The goal of the FED team? Bring their expertise to Mirakl's feature teams and be the guarantors of the quality of our code while making their development experience more enjoyable. You will therefore be responsible for defining good development practices and evangelizing the teams in order to apply them.
The current project? The overhaul of our design system. In collaboration with our team of Product Designers, you will take part in this project and be a major player in the development of our new React component library.
Our stack front and our tools
Javascript (ES6 +), CSS modules and SASS, ReactJS, Redux, redux-form, redux-thunk, Storybook, Puppeteer, Yarn, Babel, Webpack, GraphQL, Apollo, Jest & @ testing-library / react

For a typical week, you will :
Analyze the state of the Front-End architecture, define and formulate strategic recommendations in order to guarantee excellent productivity and easy maintenance.
Participate in design system governance meetings, bringing your expertise in terms of UI / UX and assessment of technical complexity
Supervise and coordinate the development of new components of our library, ensuring the quality of the code
Define good development practices and disseminate them while increasing the skills of the members of the technical teams.
Set up tools aimed at improving the developer experience (Storybook, guides related to migrations, internal documentation, utility scripts, etc.)
Lead POCs on new tools and be a real force of proposal within the team

What's in this job for you :
The possibility of guaranteeing code quality: ensuring the quality of our front-end code and maintaining it. This involves organizing code reviews, ensuring that performance is optimal, maintaining quality documentation and many other factors!
The opportunity to make the development experience as pleasant as possible for feature team developers and users of our component library
To be able to increase the skills of the teams: support for the most junior, evangelization of developers with a more "back" profile to good front practices, organization of training
The opportunity to be a vector of innovation within the R&D teams: to continuously monitor the latest front technologies to allow Mirakl to continue to offer a concrete product to its customers!

Initial computer training
Minimum 6 years experience in development
Mentoring and facilitation skills
Modern JavaScript (ES2021, Babel ...)
Modern CSS (Sass, Less, CSS-in-JS: Styled Component, CSS modules ...)
Significant experience with a React-like framework (React, Preact, Inferno ...)
Development of a library of UI components
WebPack, Rollup or equivalent, not just as a user

Skills valued:
Open source project contributor
Experiences on e-commerce
Good level of English

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