What kind of positions can I apply and where to find them?

When shall I start my job seeking process?

How to build up my personal networking?

How great I will be if I have a professional career coach?


This consultation is suitable for graduates and young professionals with less than 5 years of working experience, who have questions and doubts about their current situations or future career opportunities.

€10 20 MINUTES

Consultant with extensive experience

360° assessment on your circumstances

Develop job seeking strategy tailored to you

20 min video conference to open your career gate

Upgrade to Premium/Internship packages with NO EXTRA charge

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An expert with indepth experience

Best way to get insights and tricks

Solve your particular questions

Upgrade to Premium/Internship packages with NO EXTRA charge

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This consultation is suitable for professionals who want to meet an expert in a target function (s) / industry (s). We can connect you with them to solve your particular questions.

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Can I request a call consultation?

Yes, you can. Sessions will be organized via video conference.

What kinds of questions will not be answered during career consultation?

Our career consultation is really focused on giving you the best advice to find your dream job. So, questions related to immigration, university/major selection, housing, and self-employment will not be answered. To obtain the most accurate information for questions above, we advise you to choose our “meet the expert” consultation. We will arrange an expert from related filed to help you.

What should I prepare for career consultation?

To maximize efficiency, we recommend you to send us your CV and questions list at least one day in advance.