Signs It's Time to Hire a Professional Resume Writer

Resumes are the lifeblood of any job applicant trying to snag the job of their dreams. Without one, you can’t hope to get the English speaking jobs in Paris, especially as you will be competing with hundreds or more people for the same job. They may even be ahead of the game because of their resume.

If you have been applying for several jobs in France and still can’t get a single bite that will lead you to an interview, there might be something wrong with your resume. It may not have the right flare hiring managers are looking for in a potential candidate. Or perhaps you may not be picked up by the ATS, an applicant tracking system used by HR or recruiters to sieve through resumes via keywords predetermined by them.  

If this is your current situation, it may be time to ask a professional resume writer to comb through your resume. Professional resume writers can create a very compelling resume that will not only showcase your skills but also catch the attention of HR teams and recruiters for them to consider you for the job. Some resume writers may even assist in CV translation from English to French.

Still unconvinced you need their help? Here are 7 signs you should look for to see if you need a professional resume writer:


You Can't Write


Let’s face it, writing is not for everyone. Some may find it easy to do, others may take ages staring at a blank paper before they can make something that has some sense. The more complicated the writing task is, the harder it is to work on.

Resumes are one of the most important documents a person will ever have to write. It is your promotional piece for yourself and let employers know that you should be considered.

With the help of a professional resume writer, you will be able to get the resume that will reflect you completely and impress people about your skills.


Talking about yourself makes you uncomfortable


Ever since we were young, we were always told to stay humble. But, when you write a resume, you need to brag about what you can do. If you find this a little uncomfortable, you will need to ask someone to do it for you because it will affect how your resume will sound like.

The best resumes need to sound like you are calling the attention of your readers into checking out what you can do and why you are the best without coming off as arrogant or a show-off. If you can’t do this yourself, let a professional writer do it for you.


You’re Not Getting Interviews


If you find that even though you submit your resume for a number of jobs, there are no callback. It happens several times to the point you are getting desperate and wonder if you are getting noticed.

You may have the right credentials for it, but if your resume doesn’t reflect it, you definitely won’t stand a chance in getting the position, let alone getting notice by international headhunters.

A professional resume writer can save your day because they will revise your resume to make it ATS friendly and highlight your important achievements without your potential employers digging through a maze of words.


You don't know what to include


For some people, it can be hard to fill up a resume because of their past work history or their past academic achievements. Some even wonder if they should put their previous employment and whether it will affect their chance for the job for English speakers.

If you don’t know where to start with your resume, it can be difficult to write it on your own.

Professional resume writers can assist you with this and help you identify which skills and job history will display the skills and experiences to make you attractive to international headhunting companies and employers with English speaking jobs in France.


You Have Unconventional Employment History


Every person has a different employment history and sometimes, this employment history can be a bit unconventional. It may be because you have been working on various jobs that aren't related to your chosen field or working freelancing jobs in France. You may also have a gap in your years of working, perhaps you took a year off to backpack or maybe you stop working for 5 years to be a stay at home parent.

Fortunately, this can be remedied by professional resume writers. They will look into your employment history and pick the ones that should be on your current job application. They will also reduce the weaknesses that may appear in your work history.


You’re Making a Drastic Career Change


For some of us, our dream job isn’t in the industry we studied. Sometimes, we had a career change during midlife. As a result, it may be difficult to create a resume that will show that even if your original industry isn’t related to the one you are trying to apply for.

Professional resume writers can sit down with you to layout your resume, find out why you are making such a shift and figure out from your work and academic history the relevant things employers need to know for your application.


You Just Don’t Have the Time


Some of us may find it hard to write a resume because of time. It takes more than just a few hours to sit down and write a good resume. You probably have to go through your head to get the dates and job scope of your past jobs.

Save that time to create opportunities through networking and job hunt. Leave the resume writing to a professional.




If you want to clinch your dream job in France, don’t be afraid to ask us to help you in creating the perfect resume. We even provide CV translations and career coaching as a part of our commitment to find you your dream job!