How to Find and Attract International Talent

Finding the right candidate for a job opening is a problem every business faces regularly. Sometimes, the applicants who are applying for the job don’t have the full credentials needed, while others simply do not make the grade. It is possible that the candidate international headhunting companies are looking for, has skills that isn’t within the country.


With this in mind, you may be wondering how you can get the best international talent for your job openings. Fortunately, there are ways to make it easier for you to attract international talents with these strategies:


Know What You Need And Be Clear With Your Requirements


Just like posting regular job ads locally, you will need to be very clear about what you want for your ideal employee and what they can gain once they sign up. You will need to be specific when it comes to what skills you are looking for so that you won’t get applicants who are applying randomly even though they do not have the skills you need for the job.


If you are head hunting these people to the country, you may need to show that you can’t find the right candidate locally so they can get their visa application approved.


Know When To Recruit Global Talent


It is also important to remember when you should recruit global talent. It is important to remember that every country is different and their political, economic and social situation can be different than those in France especially jobs for English speakers.


If there are any issues in the country where your prospective employee comes from, you will need to consider if the foreign talents can get their visa approvals.


Make Your Job Ad Catch The Right Applicant


If you want to get the right applicant to apply for your job advertisement, you have to make your job ad catch their attention immediately. You can do this by detailing your company’s work culture, why employees will love to work for you and explain what you need.


You can also personalize it to make it more human, which will definitely appeal to job seekers who want to be part of a company or business that understands who they are.


Use Social Media As A Recruitment Platform


Social media is actually a great way to find the best talent overseas, especially sites like Facebook and Linkedin.


On these sites, you can easily browse through profiles of people whom you can recruit for your job opening and even post job ads through their Job section. Many jobseekers nowadays, especially millennials, find their jobs through social media rather than through traditional means like job sites or applying directly through the company’s website.


Of course, if you will be proceeding with this route, you need to know how to advertise your brand through social media and make it attractive to work in France for English speakers.


List Down What They Can Benefit From Relocating To Your Area For Work


If you want to attract international talent’s attention, you need to give them various perks that will make their relocation to the country worthwhile. Relocation is not an easy thing to do, especially if you are moving from another country.


Let the applicant know that you are going to help them relocate, have a relocation assistance package to help them to settle in a new country, and other benefits like providing them with French online courses that will make their relocation smooth.


You should also provide them with excellent compensation packages in line with other companies within the same industry. Competition are fierce when it comes to good talents!


Try Hiring Through International Job Fairs


Another great place where you can find international talent for your job openings is through international job fairs. Through international job fairs, your hiring team can meet with the applicant directly and assess the applicant in person.


Although the time can be short, you can follow up with the applicants that you believe is perfect in separate meetings. It is also better to assess the applicant directly if you believe their profile isn’t enough for you to decide whether to take them on.


Always Be Considerate With The Language


When you are recruiting international talent, don’t just ignore their languages and check out which of these languages can actually help you with your business.


Hire a translator who can translate your job ads into the language practiced in the country you are trying to hire from. Translators can translate your job ads in the right way you want it to sound to your applicants and get these applicants coming in with the right skills you need.


If you will be using social media to advertise for your job opening, you can adjust your settings to the language you wish to use. You should also make it a point to look at these languages carefully and see which ones can help you with your business.


Address The Needs Of Your Foreign Employees


It is important that you address all the needs your foreign employees may need in order for them to think that your company is great and worth being away from their families and friends back home.


As mentioned above, you will need to assist them with relocating to a new site and look into creating a comprehensive relocation package that includes their spouses and children. You should keep in mind of their other needs like house hunting, career coaching, medical insurance and legal documentation for their employment and dependent passes.




Hiring international talents for your business is no easy feat for any company. If you are headhunting for your clients, do your research and match the country that produces the best talent with skills that your clients need.


Remember, even if you are able to find the talent you need for your business, you need to convince them that moving to France is the best career move they can make. Check out our platform that helps international headhunting companies link up with the right candidates.